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Remembering schoolteacher Eilert Wulff | Norway AD 1904

After a brief illness, schoolteacher Eilert Wulff of Hammerfest died on 22 October 1904. He was survived by his wife Dorothea Sæther, 28, and son Aksel, 2.
By LA Dahlmann | The Evergreen Post

According to his obituary, published in the newspaper Nordkap on 28 October, Eilert Andreas Wulff was born in Kvæfjord, Troms, Norway, in 1874.

After completing his studies at Tromsø Lærerskole, a teacher’s college, in 1895, he was employed as a teacher at Skjervøy, where he stayed for two years.

During the following year, he completed further studies in the city of Trondheim, in preparation for a middle school exam (middelskolens avgangseksamen), which he completed in 1898.

On 15 August 1898, he was employed as a teacher at the Hammerfest Middelskole, a middle school, with added responsibilities also at the city’s primary school (folkeskolen), teaching gymnastics and carpentry.

Wulff was considered a friendly and first-class teacher, with the rare ability to ensure discipline in the classroom.

Eilert Wulff made many friends, and they shared in his family’s grief; he left us far too soon.

The funeral took place from the family home at noon on Saturday 29 October 1904.

Source: Nordkap 1904.10.28 page 2. Nasjonalbiblioteket nb.no | EGP.00022

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