King Harald V and Queen Consort Sonja of Norway - in 2016. | © Jørgen Gomnæs - Det kongelige hoff.

King Harald V and Queen Consort Sonja of Norway - in 2016. | © Jørgen Gomnæs - Det kongelige hoff.

Norway’s King Harald V and Queen Sonja | Forces of nature

After a troubled ten-year courtship, the then Crown Prince Harald of Norway finally got his father's blessing to marry Ms Sonja Haraldsen in 1968.
By LA Dahlmann | The Evergreen Post

King Harald V of Norway

Among the Norwegians, King Harald is widely known for his great ability to show empathy and compassion – and not to forget: his dry wit. He is a man that makes his people laugh.

His father, King Olav V, was known as the people’s king – folkekongen – but King Harald could well be known as Harald the Wise – Harald Den Vise. Every woman and man in need of support can be sure to have him watch their back.

Harald is a man so down to earth, so loyal to his family and his people, that if a Norwegian were to stumble upon him in the street, her first thought would probably be to give him a hug.

King Harald is a world-class sailor and a gold medallist, both in European and World championships.

Since Harald’s accession to the throne in 1991, he and Sonja, as a strong unit, have lifted the Norwegian monarchy into the realm of the new millennium.

King Harald V is the son of King Olav V and Crown Princess Märtha, and grandson of King Haakon VII and Queen Consort Maud of Norway.

Queen Sonja of Norway

Queen Sonja had a tough start to her royal life, fighting the then misogyny of the Norwegian court. Being a commoner did not exactly help.

As the country’s new crown princess in 1968, it took her a long time just to get her own office.

Through her interest in art, she has contributed significantly to the preservation of royal buildings and royal collections.

Queen Sonja is an avid outdoors person, and has visited most sections of the majestic Norwegian landscape.

She is also an artist in her own right – and in recent years, she has had several exhibitions, presenting her art.

In 2017, in connection with Queen Sonja’s 80th birthday, the royal palace in Oslo opened Queen Maud’s old stables as an exhibition area. The next time that you find yourself in the Norwegian capital, we strongly recommend that you visit The Queen Sonja Art Stable.

The royal children

One can argue that by taking a closer look at someone’s children, you will also be able to say something about their parents.

The King and Queen’s two children – Princess Märtha Louise and Crown Prince Haakon Magnus – are compassionate, passionate, and grounded individuals – and a big credit to their father and mother.


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